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The architectural process is a multi-staged process that encompasses all aspects from initial meetings with clients, through the design process to documentation, tender and construction. While we recommend a complete service for the best result, it is possible to negotiate a partial commission involving selected stages with an agreed scope of work.

The Stages of work involved, and the scope of services provided in each of these stages, is generally as follows:

1. Pre Design
  • Preliminary client meeting
  • Fee and programme proposal
  • Scoping of possible work
  • Feasibility study
2. Schematic Design

The schematic design phase is where we explore various sketch design options for the project and the site. We will:

  • Analyse and assess:
    • brief
    • site
    • Council requirements
  • Arrange for land + building to be surveyed
  • Develop preliminary concepts
  • Discuss ideas with client
3. Design Development

After the client has reviewed and agreed to the directions set out in the schematic design, it is further developed and drawn up from sketch design. This stage includes:

  • Assess client comments on Stage 1
  • Review the design against:
    • Brief
    • Site analysis
    • Council requirements
  • ZSA to request quotes from relevant consultants for client to engage services
  • Review consultant feedback and information
  • Develop design
  • Arrange for preliminary cost analysis by Quantity Surveyor
  • Finalise Design Development
4. Development Application

When the developed design has been reviewed and signed-off by the client, we prepare the Development Application to submit to Council. This involves:

  • Confirmation of basic specifications
  • Completion of drawings to satisfy Council DA requirements
  • Writing of Environmental Impact Statement
  • Co-ordination of consultants' input
  • Filling out of application forms
  • Assist client with DA submission
  • 1 x Site meeting with Council staff

Additional work that is charged on an hourly rate for this stage includes:

  • BASIX certificates, which include a NatHERS rating. ZSA can provide this service in-house which ensures the requisite issues are addressed early in the design rather than requiring redesign at this late stage.
  • Co-ordination of consultants documentation for Council
  • Additional requirements by Council, such as models, montages, videos etc
  • Meetings with neighbours and/or Council staff or elected representatives
5. Construction Documents

Once Council has approved the DA, we prepare the Construction Documentation. This includes:

  • Assess Council DA conditions
  • Scoping of materials, finishes and fixtures
  • Co-ordinate + integrate work of all consultants
  • Prepare detailed drawings and specifications
  • As part of this work we prepare + submit Construction Certificate.
6. Builder Selection

There are many ways to assist the client to find the right builder for the project. For a traditional tender situation we:

  • Shortlist suitable builders for tender list
  • Confirm contract to be used
  • Determine tender time frame
  • Prepare Tender Information document
  • Issue tender documents
  • Respond to builder's queries
  • Collate tenders
  • Negotiate with up to 2 builders
  • Determine final scope of works, contract sum and dates
  • Award contract
7. Contract Administration

Once the tender has been awarded and the building contract signed, we commence Contract Administration:

  • Request builder's insurances
  • Confirm builder's construction programme
  • Confirm schedule of progress claims
  • Attend regular site meetings
  • Issue Architect's Instructions
  • Process Contract Variations
  • Process Provisional Sum Adjustments
  • Assess builder's progress claims
  • Prepare list of outstanding items
  • Assess Practical Completion
  • Prepare building defects list
  • Review correction of defects
  • Assess Final Certificate

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